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Arabic Calligraphy Teaching

Arabic Calligraphy Teaching Techniques: Arabic calligraphy is a unique art form that has a rich history and cultural significance. It is a form of visual art that involves the use of the Arabic language and its unique script to create beautiful and intricate designs. Learning how to write in Arabic calligraphy requires a lot of patience, practice,…

What is Arabic Calligraphy?

What is Arabic Calligraphy?

What is Arabic calligraphy? Calligraphy (from the Greek words καλλος kallos “beauty” + γραφος grafos “writing”) is the art of penmanship that ranges from functional writing and handwritten letters to the visual arts, where creating a decorated handwritten character is often more important than the readability of the text. Calligraphy is different from typography. Individual characters are…

All Arabic styles

How Many Styles Does Arabic Calligraphy Has?

Arabic Calligraphy Styles Now that we have overviewed the history of Arabic calligraphy and learnt that each script, or group of scripts, have been developed during specific period of time, let us move on and learn about the most common styles of Arabic calligraphy scripts that many calligraphers and designers are still using today. Here are some…


Brief history of Arabic calligraphy

Brief History The early stages of Arabic calligraphy were very simplistic compared to the later developments in the script’s forms and glyph design. There are two reasons for this development in Arabic calligraphy. The first one is the expansion of the Islamic civilization to cover large areas on earth and many cultures from Africa, Asia, and…


Arabic Calligraphy (The Basics to Get Started)

The Paper. Calligraphy paper must have a smooth and glossy surface that allows the pen to glide smoothly over it. The various Xerox bold, coated, gloss, digital printing papers works very well. For practice, glossy magazine pages, especially from news magazines, make an excellent alternative to the aforementioned printing paper. Draw light pencil lines on…

Good Handwriting

Why Is Most Handwriting So Bad?

There is much bad handwriting at large in the world.  People in general do not intentionally write poorly; they are simply unable to write better.  But why is this so?  Several things in the learning process affect the quality of one’s writing and any one of these will have a major effect on the quality…

Arabic calligraphy struggle

Struggling With Arabic Calligraphy

By George Nandor (Former Arabic Calligraphy learner) I have enjoyed studying languages with some success in Spanish, German, and Japanese (18 months of full-time study at the Army Language School plus five years using the language in Japan).  At age ninety I decided to learn some Arabic and to study Arabic calligraphy.  The form and…


Arabic Calligraphy Learning

There are two essentials for learning Arabic calligraphy and becoming a successful calligrapher —- study and practice.  The learner must study critically the form to be produced  and then practice the form faithfully in order to realize it.  It is using the well-known combination of mind and muscle memory to achieve the desired product.  Neither will do so alone; the two must go hand-in-hand at all times.  To execute superior calligraphy,


Arabic Calligraphy as Home Decor

Arabic Calligraphy as Home Decor Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful and timeless art form that has been used by artists and designers for centuries to create stunning interior and exterior home decor. Its strength and beauty come from the use of various styles and the transformation of those styles into Arabesque to make beautiful decorations.…