If you are drawn to writing, whether it be journaling or just doodling fancy letters on scratch paper, you should really consider taking up calligraphy.

CalligraphyCalligraphy is learning how to write in various font styles, but in a beautiful, expressive, artful way. It is up to you in terms of how far you go into the study of calligraphy. You may just want to take it

up as a fun, informal hobby, or work up to the point of making it a career. Calligraphy is certainly a creative art, centralized around letters and words, strokes and forms. Armed with a calligraphy pen, a lined sketchbook and practice pages, you can begin your studies for very little investment. There are many good guidebooks to help you learn how to begin, and with patience and lots of practice, you can master this art on your own. However, for the more serious calligraphers who really want to learn advanced techniques and or need personal instruction, you may want to do some research on courses you can take or schools that offer calligraphy classes.


If you enroll in a class or more formal means of study, you will be taught all of the many aspects you will need to master this art. In addition to learning to practice lettering and form strokes properly, you will also get instruction as to the best instruments to use, the angles at which to hold the pen, how to apply pressure as you write, inks and choosing paper for your designs.


If you don’t feel confident in trying to figure out all of the elements that you need to learn to write in calligraphy, this might be the direction for you.

There are accredited art schools that offer calligraphy classes, so even if your primary area of study is something other than calligraphy, consider adding it to your curriculum, if even for extra credits.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that calligraphy is so much more than just writing. It is the art of writing beautifully. It is taking written letters and creating stunning works in more font styles than you can imagine.


Calligraphers today proudly display their art on such original pieces as cards, framed art or poetry, formal invitations and event announcements, logo designs and other special lettering projects. Any type of written document can be transformed into something of great beauty when written in calligraphy.

Once you have been bitten by the calligraphy bug, it may be hard for you to stop learning and experimenting with different methods such as calligraphy done with brushes or water colors.


Because it is a classic art form dating back thousands of years, you are taking a tradition and adding your own modern twist to it.

It requires a lot of practice and starting out with solid, proper instruction from the get-go is very important, especially if it’s something you would like to turn into a career opportunity.

You could promote and market your calligraphy design pieces at local craft fairs, on websites, or create your own coffee table books. Once you master calligraphy writing, you are limited only by your imagination as far as what you can create with this skill. Calligraphy is still an in-demand talent.

Calligraphy can also benefit you in more practical ways such as simply learning how to hold a pen properly for more comfort when you write. It can also dramatically improve your handwriting because you actually learn how to focus on the form and flow of lettering, versus just drawing letters as fast as you can get them down on the paper.

Learning calligraphy can allow you to make lovely custom gifts featuring names, house numbers or personalized quotes or scripture that will be given and received as truly heartfelt, meaningful gifts.

Learning calligraphy gives you such a beautiful way to master an age-old craft and then using it to enhance your life in new, inspiring ways.