Calligraphy For Children

Calligraphy for children

One thing that kids can agree on is that learning a new skill, especially when it doesn’t feel like learning, can be fun. Calligraphy for children is one of those skills. Because it doesn’t feel like learning or penmanship, it suddenly becomes a lot of fun to practice forming shapes and letters, while creating really pretty artwork in the process. Calligraphy for children introduces learning this age-old art by first making it fun. Once kids see how amazing their letters and writing turns out just from learning how to write their alphabet a bit differently, they will want to come back and use calligraphy again and again. Children can use calligraphy for school, home or just a past time or hobby that they enjoy.

There are so many ways children can use calligraphy for different creative projects. If there a book report or poem to be written, calligraphy will give them the opportunity to create something original and turn their project into something that really stands out from the crowd. Calligraphy for children can teach them to create artistic borders and embellishments to be included in their work, or to have handwriting that will surely impress their teachers.

One of the biggest benefits of calligraphy for children is that their handwriting skills will improve a lot as they focus on the art of forming letters.

Calligraphy will teach them how to hold their writing instrument properly, and let their writing flow from their hand instead of something forced, which in many cases producing writing that is difficult to read.

Calligraphy for children will give them the incentive to practice this beautiful writing once they see for themselves how much better the results are when writing is learned properly. This is one skill that will help them in their adult lives, and will be something they can actually use forever.

One of the easiest writing instruments to start out with when first learning calligraphy for children is a calligraphy marker. By choosing a marker with a chiseled nib (tip), they’ll be able to really play around with the different shapes and lines of calligraphy.

Calligraphy markers may work best for children to start with because they don’t require special angles or applied pressure like more advanced calligraphy instruments. The kids can simply begin with a very cool-looking calligraphy marker and take it from there.

Once the kids play around with drawing shapes, lines and just getting used to using the calligraphy marker, it’s time to start practicing those alphabet letters. By starting with a font that most closely resembles a handwritten cursive is a good starting point. Since children are generally used to practicing the writing of alphabet letters on lined paper, it will be fairly easy for them to make the transition from regular handwriting to calligraphy writing.

Another real draw with calligraphy for children is the fact that the markers they use come in all sorts of colors, including some neat metallic colors, so even with the basics, they can really make their art and words pop.

They will be learning this beautiful writing art without even realizing how much learning how to write beautifully is going to help them down the road. In the meantime, their designs and assignments will always have a special signature look all their own. As they get older, they may very well want to learn more advanced techniques of calligraphy, which will only make them more confident of their writing skills.

Calligraphy for children is a wonderful way to introduce the kids to a beautiful art and that will benefit them in many ways.

From homework to designing original artwork, calligraphy for children will get them started down the road to learning and inspiring their very own form of creativity.