Nashk Script

In the early days of Islam , the Arabs gave accomplishment to the Kufic calligraphy , because it was considered as a divine script . But most of the Naskh Script 2regions were struggling to read and write the Kufic . This is the reason why the non – Arab region generated other Arabian scripts which could be easily read and write . A new style emerged , known to the history as Naskh which reached popularity and was used side by side with Kufic. Literally Naskh implies canceling . It was given this name because it cancelled all of the other forms of writing and it started copying Quran as well as other books .

Naskh was emerged mainly in the whole Middle East including Egypt as well as some western countries . It is still common in these regions because it got better popularity instead of decline .

It is typically believed that Naskh calligraphy was originated by Ibn Muqlah in 310 AH however, recent studies believed that it was a development of the Kufic from the date when Islam arose . The discovery from Jabal – Sala close to Madina has proved the cursive style ( Naskh ) existed at the dawn of Islam . Further studies showed that at the advent of Islam Naskh was main script , not a branch of Kufic script .

Naskh was emerged as a result of the inflexibility of Kufic and due to its free hand style . It is still being used for copying the Holy Quran . Naskh is a cursive style with roundness in its characters .

According to the scholars , Naskh script emerged in 310 AH and still using for copying the Holy Quran . It basically c
rossed eleven centuries of its development which it took in several regions by different Calligraphers . It is a simple and easy style of writing that is the reason it crossed a millennium for its improvement .

IBN – E – MUQLAH is the first who invested his eager desire for introducing this new script . He is the first remarkable man who during 310 AH made basis for the new Arabic script , in place of Kufic . He established less complicated concepts such as circles , changing the angularity of Kufic and replacing the stiffness of Kufic , to generate much easier the way of writing for copying the Quran .