In this area you can find out all Arabic calligraphy accessories like Liqaa and other tools, just read all specifications of the items before you are going to buy any of them.

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Bamboo Pen Stand


Bamboo Pen Stand: Large bamboo pen stand cut in the shape of a calligraphy pen. it protects the tips of your calligraphy pens from breaking.


Inkwell and Silk Fibers

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Inkwell and Silk Fibers: Glass inkwell with silk fibers or Liqaa ( that helps the pen take ink in a proper way, without much or less drops )


Bone Makta

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Bone Makta, which is used by many calligraphers to sharpen and cut the reed pens and bamboo pens.

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Horizontal Pen Holder


Organize your calligraphy pens with ease using our Horizontal Pen Holder. Available in two colors, Sorrell Brown and Chocolate, this pen holder is perfect for storing Arabic calligraphy pens of different sizes and colors.