Calligraphy Book

Calligraphy book

One of the most important things you will need as you start to learn calligraphy is a good calligraphy book. This book will serve as your guide and mentor you through the beginning steps as you start out. A good calligraphy book will give you the guidance and instruction that is required to learn this fine art. A good calligraphy book is as important to you as a quality pen. If you know nothing about calligraphy, consider your book to be the instruction manual you need to walk you through the beginning strokes and how to form them.

The book will also go on to explain how to hold your pen in the correct position, and how to glide your pen across the paper to achieve different lettering. Your book should also explain how and when to apply different levels of pressure to form the letters nicely.

Your calligraphy book should contain illustrations so you can really tell if you are going through the various steps correctly. A good calligraphy book will explain the how and why you are doing something, so you understand the importance of the steps and don’t skip over anything.

Your calligraphy book should give you plenty of letters to practice, so you can practice an entire alphabet and all the numbers in one or more font styles.

Your book should talk about using guidelines, or lines on your practice paper, so you know how to write letters that are spaced well and of the right size.

Your calligraphy book should also talk about using different tools such as pencils, pens and brushes, in addition to the different types of paper you can use.

Your book should walk you through the beginning steps and then work through the various embellishments you can add to your basic lettering to make your writing even prettier. You may want to set yourself up with a calligraphy book that will give you real life projects to work on, so you can see how you can use calligraphy on a practical level. There are also books that walk your through advanced projects, and how you can use calligraphy to earn an extra income by applying it as a designer or artist.

Your calligraphy book is important because you will refer to it constantly during the time you are learning. calligraphy bookBe sure to get a calligraphy book that will help you from exactly where you are in the learning curve, or if you have special challenges to consider. For example, if you are a lefty, be sure you get a book that teaches you what you need to do differently. If you have already dabbled with calligraphy, then pick up a guide that goes into more detail about advanced techniques, perhaps focusing on using brushes or water colors.

There is no way around the fact that a solid calligraphy book is very important in learning how to write beautifully. Spend the time to shop around and select the perfect book that suits your needs as a beginner or more advanced calligrapher.