Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy ArtBy learning how to write in calligraphy, you will be inspired to create many beautiful works of written art. By taking the beautifully written words and blending them together with sketches, pictures or paintings, you’ll discover a while new world of amazing calligraphy art. Calligraphy art is just one way you can use calligraphy to further enhance and create stunning original art pieces. There are commissioned artists who make their living by creating calligraphy art pieces. Just by taking a look at their portfolios or galleries, you can understand why these pieces are so popular and admired. Even as a beginner, if you are able to master any one of the many calligraphy alphabets, you will be able to create calligraphy art.


Calligraphy art can be used in so many ways to bring joy and delight to those it is shared with. You can make general art pieces, or customize gifts for friends and family.


For example, take any existing invitation and center it in a frame. Surround the invitation with inspiring words, poems or quotations written in calligraphy to transform it into a custom, personalized keepsake.


Turn the ordinary into extraordinary by adding calligraphy to any kind of photograph or drawing. You can capture special moments in anyone’s life and create heartwarming treasures for them with calligraphy art.


For anyone in your life that needs support or inspiration, simply take a beautiful picture and write an inspirational message in calligraphy next to, under or around the picture. Whether framed or not, it’s a wonderful way to express your feelings and really make a difference in peoples’ lives.


Hang your calligraphy art all throughout your home to breathe life into any space and proudly display your custom artwork.


For events with a theme such as a bridal shower or wedding, surround a picture of the bride or couple with a heart made of words written in calligraphy. A beautifully written script font in colored ink is sure to make any calligraphy art design like this really pop.


You can also focus on one particular theme and become an expert in that field. For example, there are a lot of religious quotations that could be incorporated into calligraphy art. By using a beautiful picture, you can take any religious quotation written in a fancy calligraphy font, position it near the picture and end up with an inspiring piece of art.


You can also have fun with calligraphy art and work current catch phrases into a creative design. Any popular phrase from a TV show or commercial can be written in calligraphy, along with a relevant photo. You’ve now ripped something from the headlines and turned it into an original art piece.


Just by using different calligraphy fonts and pictures, you can use the same written words and create many different art pieces from them.


Use calligraphy art to create elegant pieces for the birth of a child, graduation, confirmation, baptism or any special moment in anyone’s life. Everyone loves personalized gifts, especially if they’re handmade. By creating these special calligraphy art pieces, your gifts are sure to be the most special of them all.


There are infinite ways you can take any kind of a picture and blend in words written in calligraphy. Calligraphy art is as unique and special as you are.