Online Arabic Calligraphy Courses

For people who are interested to learn Arabic calligraphy online, our website is also an amazing solution and if you find something interesting, don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us. It is very important. Learn Arabic calligraphy with no need to leave the comfort of your house! The best of all is that you can learn it from any smart device.

Arabic writing system is unlike that of English, so learning to write in Arabic can be a different process.

Although we can present good online courses through Skype to learn Arabic script in a systematic and easy way, providing all kinds of visual aids such as Cds, Pdf book, and videos to achieve quick progress and help topics fresh in your mind.

Our Calligraphic courses include the following styles:

  • Naskh

  • Reqaa

  • Dewani

  • Thuluth

  • Farisi

  • Kufi

How are online courses go?

First , you should have your required tools of writing calligraphy , like blank white papers , black ink, and reed pen .

Secondly , select your favorite course , putting into your consideration that It is better to start with the following calligraphy styles: Naskh and Reqaa , because they are the most easiest styles , and they are the standard Calligraphy that being learnt at elementary schools in most of Arabic countries .

Here is the chart of varied styles of online courses time:

  • Naskh course will last 10 weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Naskh style sample and information click here

  • Reqaa course will last 10 weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Reqaa style sample and information click here

  • Thuluth course will last 11weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Thuluth style sample and information click here

  • Dewani course will last 11 weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Dewani style sample and information click here

  • Farisy ( Nastaliq ) course will last 11 weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Farisy style sample and information click here

  • Kufi course will last 12 weeks

  • Two sessions of one hour

  • Kufi style sample and information click here

Arabic calligraphy coursesNotes :

  • Learning time is flexible and according to your free time.
  • After you apply for that service, you should send your handwriting by email and you will get the correction directly.
  • You will be provided with an authorized certificate of each course by us, after completing it successfully. This is the image of it.

Our courses in the eye of previous students:

Malikah Alia – UK

” I have always found Arabic and Arabic calligraphy beautiful and decided to use my time to learn it. It takes a lot of patience and determination, however is worth it as you witness yourself improving each time. I found some letters easier than others, but with Arabic Calligraphy Service’s method of teaching, they helped me understand the rules and how to write correctly in Naskh. I really enjoy learning this form of art and hope to continue with other different kinds of calligraphy.”

Sobia Masoud – UK

“Arabic Calligraphy has always fascinated me. I used to admire and wonder what techniques have been used to produce such a beautiful piece of art.When I started learning Calligraphy, it was very surprising to realise how much of atime-consuming activity it is. I used to spend hours on end trying to write the correct shape of one letter, SubhanAllah! There were times when I would get stressed as I could not write it the way I was being taught, but Alhamdulillah with a lot of practice, I have been able to write some very difficult letters with ease.

I had a problem holding the reed pen initially, as it has to be at a certain angle all the time, in order to make a perfect letter shape.One must be dedicated, committed and determined to learn Arabic Calligraphy. I am still a beginner in this field. In the future, I have plans to learn different types of Arabic Calligraphy In Sha ALLAH with ALLAH SWT’s help.”