Arabic Calligraphy Services was first established in 1999 as a world leader in the field of Arabic Calligraphy – Providing individuals and corporations alike with an artistic, high resolution, relevant and enjoyable Arabic Calligraphy Styles.

Our mission is to promote our customers’ awareness for Arabic designs, and to drive their appreciation for cultural diversity through the practice of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic designs.And because we believe that there is no boundary or limit in art. Our Arabic Calligraphy aims at providing the customers with educational, professional Calligraphy experiences. That is why we also provide a series of workshops and courses in Arabic Calligraphy.We look forward to a positive Arabic calligraphy experience with you, helping you to understand and appreciate the calligraphy.We hope you will share this experience with your community.


Our Arabic Calligraphy team is comprised of dedicated group of expert calligraphers, in addition to web and graphic designers. We believe that collaborative work achieves the best results. Our team is customer oriented and knowledgeable in all Arabic calligraphy designs.

We provide online and on-site tutoring for Arabic Calligraphy, along with website design and Islamic art services at the heart of the Islamic world and many other spots of the world.

“When a man would speak well , he must first conceive clearly the idea which he desired to express ; and if he would write well , he must have distinctly painted on his mind the characters which he means to put on paper.”
Ahmed Kandil
General Manager

Ahmed Kandil
Ahmed Kandil

General Manager

Omar Kandil


Abdulhak Hadžimejlić

Arabic calligrapher


Graphic designer

Serhat Polat

English Calligrapher

Samir Joza
Samir Joza

Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Nagi Mahmoud

Arabic Calligrapher