Visually impaired calligrapher and revert, Crystal “Najma”.



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As salam alaikum السلام عليكم , I hope everyone is doing well InshAllah. I thought I would introduce myself. I am an Muslimah revert of 10 years. I was exposed to the Quran Majid when I was 12 and immediately felt pulled towards it as well as the art of calligraphy but at that age, before internet, there was not a lot of materials for the blind/visually impaired that would help someone like me to learn about Islam or that you can become Muslim as an American/no family in the faith etc. Ffrom age 12-28, I was a Baha’i Faith member and was exposed to Islam often as Baha’i Faith is an offshoot of Islam distantly originating in Iraq. Because I didn’t know much, I only thought I would be Baha’i and do Baha’i calligraphy in Farsi. After many years of being a Baha’i, I left the faith once I knew I was able to convert to Islam, and converted in 2012 Alhamdulillah. I feel blessed everyday and have so many stories of how Islam was around me my whole life and I didn’t realize it.
I’ve played around with writing calligraphy not even owning proper supplies as I do now. As a low vision/visually & hearing disabled calligrapher, I strive with the help of Allah, to bring calligraphy to everyone, including tactile calligraphy that both the sighted and blind can enjoy. I look forward to getting to know some of the people that come on the site and share about all things calligraphy! :) barakallahu feekum wa salam. Crystal “Najma نجمة). 4ADB1A14-57E9-44F9-9102-687AC71CD6FF.jpegEDEC5167-4E53-4DB9-94AC-0C162CE9F943.jpeg8DA7B805-E100-458D-B8E7-4044E4A73449.jpeg29F4F986-397D-4DB7-94EB-7634C6637ADB.jpeg