Can anyone Translate this?



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Asalamu Alaykum!

I have been around Arabic calligraphy and writing forms my entire life but until recently had never really seen much of or studied floriate kufic calligraphy or calligraphy popular in Fatimid Egypt and the Maghreb. Attached is a piece of this said to date from around the 10th Century. I am stumped. Let me know what you think.


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Okay from what I have been reading it is supposed to be Surah 112 - Al-Ihklas. hmmmmmmm....
This Kufic style is a wiered one, but I will keep trying to translate it!
Is it possible that this isnt Kufic at all and misinterpreted? A mistake in the translating?
First of all it is not aya in Surah Al Ekhlas, it is written in a special kufy style, I am still searching about it.
I agree that it is not an Ayah from Al-Ekhlas. I do not know why they are claiming it is. Thank You for the help.
You are welcome, brother. I am waiting for your new participation in the forum. Also I'd like to know your opinion on Arabic calligraphy forum, you can post it here
These are the original Arabic letters of Fatimid Kufic, they are obvious ones, but the first image don't.
I don't believe the first one is real. I think its a forgery or a fake and was made up.
Кажется, я где-то уже видел этих персонажей! попробуй сейчас перевести
These are Fatimid Kufic script, and thanks for your comments , wating for more participations.