Nastaliq Farsi vs Nastaliq Lahori



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This might be the first writing on the whole entire web on the differences between the two styles of Nastaliq. Nastaliq Farsi is the mother of Nastaliq Lahori and Nastaliq Lahori is extracted from Nastaliq Farsi. Nastaliq Farsi has been famous in the arab world and has travelled to Asia with the spread of Islam in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh including Malaysia and Indonesia. Nastaliq farsi was majorly used for writing Farsi (Persian) and the great artists from Asia also started using this style for Urdu Calligraphy. Later the Calligraphers of Urdu introduced a new style called Nastaliq Lahore which is unique due to the reason the writing is done more slower to control the Qalam as the circles in Nastaliq Lahore are smaller then the circles Nastaliq Farsi. Another major difference is the Nuqta in Nastaliq Lahori is different from Nastaliq Farsi and this changes the size of the letters. making the letters thick and small. Nastaliq Farsi uses the square shaped nukta but in Nastaliq Lahori you just touch the paper with the qalam, leaving a line of the size of nib (e.g. 5 mm, 6mm etc.). so an alif in nastaliq farsi (3 nuqta) is taller then alif in Nastaliq Lahori (3 nuqta or qat).
Thanks Agha for letting us know these differences, I hope to post picture examples of Nastaliq Styles.
Wonderful Agha, I hope to see more posts, to shed more lights on Nastaliq Script.
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