Who are the most famous Arab calligraphers?

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In the Abbasid era, the calligrapher was Ibn Muqla Muhammad Ibn Ali 272_382 AH, who was called the Imam of calligraphers, as he used to write with his left hand with the same standards of quality of his right hand, after his hand was cut off during the time of the Abbasid Caliph (Al-Radi Bellah). This was due to a plot cooked up by some of Caliph's workers, so Ibn Muqla tied the pen to the place of his severed hand, and wrote with it with the same quality that he wrote with his own right hand.

One of the most famous Arab calligraphers in the Umayyad era was the calligrapher Khalid bin Al-Hayyaj, and it was said that he is the most perfect calligrapher of his time, and it was also said that he was one of the most famous calligraphers of Caliph Al-Walid.

The life of this calligrapher also ended in tragedy, as his tongue cut off after cutting off his hand and died in his prison and was buried there for the first time, then his son took his body, transported it and buried it in his house, after which his wife took his body and moved it and buried it in her house for the third and last time.

Ibn al-Bawab Ali Ibn Hilal is one of the famous calligraphers , who died in 423, the scholars consider Ibn al-Bawab as one of the greatest calligraphers of his time, but he was not like Ibn Muqla, who was employed three times as a minister by three subsequent Abbasid Caliphs. Ibn al-Bawab is considered the founder of Rihani script, and Al Muhaqqiq calligraphy , in addition to he established a calligraphy school.

Yaqoot Al-Musta’simi is another calligrapher, he became a famous one, he had achieved an unparalleled wide fame due to his professionalism in Arabic calligraphy art and the praise he gained from the great Arab writers, Yaqoot al-Musta’sim was nicknamed "Qiblah of the calligraphers".
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