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  1. Ahmed Kandil

    Some letters written in Thuluth.

    Here some beautiful Thuluth letters for famous calligraphers, you will notice how accurate the writing and how calm and deliberate the calligrapher adhered to. Please study these models very well, as they are considered the finest Thuluth writings.
  2. Ahmed Kandil

    Welcome To Arabic Calligraphy Forum !

    We encourage all members to share content with our forum, so that all of other members can get new updated material everyday. We ask that all new members be active in our forums and positively participate in it. If you came here, you are in the right place, you will get fully informed about...
  3. Ahmed Kandil

    How do we learn Arabic calligraphy?

    Talent is not necessary. Anyone can learn Arabic calligraphy and be creative in writing it even if he does not have a good talent or any preconceived idea about it. Studying calligraphy according to its rules, and techniques in addition exercising more on writing, is an easy method if the person...
  4. Ahmed Kandil

    A quick glimpse on Riqaa script

    In the beginning, Reqaa Script was named to express a new calligraphy that emerged in Islamic East countries ( Islamic world with the exception of the Arab Maghreb and Andalusia), it is similar to the Kufic calligraphy, except that it is not more developed . A precise geometric rules of kufic...
  5. Ahmed Kandil

    Why should I learn from calligraphy books?

    Having a book as a reference can help you a lot when you are learning calligraphy, at the same time you are able to browse YouTube for some educational videos and tutorials. The books will give you more comprehensive knowledge base on calligraphy technics in general, and they considered as...
  6. Ahmed Kandil

    Specifications of good Arabic calligraphy ink.

    You can distinguish good ink by watching the appropriate ink fluidity that you are going to use to have good writing. The writing will be distorted and undesirable, If it is too light or too thick . Therefore, an expert calligrapher dilutes the viscosity ink with a few drops of tea or water...
  7. Ahmed Kandil

    Reqaa tutorials

    Here are 9 YouTube videos, watch them carefully and you will learn how to write Riqaa Style:
  8. Ahmed Kandil

    Raihani Arabic calligraphy book

    In this book you will learn the rules of Arabic calligraphy Raihani or Muhaqaq style , it is written by of the calligrapher Hazem Farhan, you notice that every letter is scripted according the rules, see the image, it has 25 colored pages, download it free from the below attachment.
  9. Ahmed Kandil

    Who are the most famous Arab calligraphers?

    In the Abbasid era, the calligrapher was Ibn Muqla Muhammad Ibn Ali 272_382 AH, who was called the Imam of calligraphers, as he used to write with his left hand with the same standards of quality of his right hand, after his hand was cut off during the time of the Abbasid Caliph (Al-Radi...
  10. Ahmed Kandil

    Thuluth tutorials

    just watch carefully this video to know how to write the Thuluth letters
  11. Ahmed Kandil

    What is the good pen for you to write Arabic calligraphy?

    The adjective “good” is subjective. You must search to find the pen that suits you. I prefer the Bamboo pens for everyday practicing, because it is easy to use, it carries reasonable ink drops, cheap, and available as well. I also like the way it reacts on paper. You don't have to press too hard...
  12. Ahmed Kandil

    Is Arabic calligraphy different than handwriting ?

    A lot of people can't differentiate between them Individuals usually assume that calligraphy and handwriting are synonymous, however they’re not. Generally, calligraphy is comprised of stylized, embellished letters written according to standard rules — it’s more art than writing, actually...
  13. Ahmed Kandil

    Post your calligraphy homework

    For all learners, I will be grateful if you give a try to post your homework in this section, I will correct it and send it as a jpg file to see your hints, and don't forget, the more you carefully write calligraphy, the better your handwriting will get.
  14. Ahmed Kandil

    Kufic Style

    Kufic script is a style of Arabic script that gained prominence early on as a preferred script for Quran transcription and architectural decoration, and it has since become a reference and an archetype for a number of other Arabic scripts. It developed from the Nabataeans of Iraq alphabet in...
  15. Ahmed Kandil

    Naskh Tutorial

    Alef Baa Geem Dal Raa, Seen, Sad, and Taa Ain, fa, Qaf, Kaf and Lam Meem, Noon, Ha, Waw and Ya Letters