Calligraphy Tools

Arabic Calligraphy tools are considered one of the simplest tools compared to other art tools, such as graphic arts, and other fine arts. Most of the calligrapher will need to create a calligraphy masterpiece using a reed pen, an ink and a paper in addition to their technical ability to master the art of Arabic calligraphy.

But that does not mean that Arabic calligrapher does not need more than that, and also does not also mean that any type of ink, or paper or even any type of reed would be sufficient for the exercise of technical innovation. In the fact there are different kinds of reeds ranging in quality between rigidity and flexibility. The same applies to the inks, they are not all suitable for the use by any Arabic calligrapher, not to mention the paper type, and its degree of refinement and softness to the touch. All of those factors has a clear impact on the level of technical performance of the calligrapher in his written calligraphy or painting.  For all of the above mentioned reasons, it is important to have some helping tools that lies its’ importance in the degree of improvement on the Arabic calligraphy tools such as the knife, Almikt (Horn Makta), and Alliqh (Inkwell and Likka)

Our Arabic Calligraphy tools such as: pens, inks, papers and other supplies required for Arabic and Islamic calligraphy, are all imported directly from the Middle East where it is originated from.

We are the first and also basically provider of Arabic calligraphy tools related to Islamic calligraphy in The United States, Europe and Australia. This not to mention more Arabic calligraphy accessories that we are able to supply, and which provide everything you need to get started with the art of Arabic calligraphy writing.