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Arabic calligraphy draws its strength and beauty from the use of its various styles and is further enhanced when transformed into Arabesque to make beautiful decorations.  Artists and designers have long used calligraphy as an outlet for their creativity to conceive and plan out interior and exterior home decors.  Their work in this timeless art has long been based on calligraphic and aesthetic rules established by scholars in antiquity.

In modern times, integrating Arabic calligraphic styles into home decor has maintained its popularity.  Indeed, the use of such calligraphy has spread far beyond the Arabic-speaking countries and is found around the world.  Calligraphic art finds its expression in the posters and paintings, the pottery and furniture (of all sizes, small to quite large) decorating all types of homes.  Master calligraphers and artists, as they have for centuries, continue to expand their creative use of the calligraphic styles, providing an endless variety of patterns adaptable to every home and appealing to every taste.

So whether the goal is to select a motif for use throughout a dwelling or to distinctively adorn a single room or a niche, Arabic calligraphy can often provide a beautiful, uplifting, and satisfying solution rooted in a centuries-old tradition of aesthetics and graceful ornamentation.






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